About TI-G

HQ TI-GhanaThe Ghanaian NGO TRANSCEND-International Ghana (TI-G) is a non-governmental, civil society organization with its head offices in the Aburi hills near Accra. TI-G’s social, ecological and cultural objectives are anchored on three concepts: peace by peaceful means, development through reflexive development and environment by eco-consistent means. TI-G implements projects in peace-literacy and eco-literacy on the outskirts of Accra and in Cape Coast.

TI-G was created in 2010 with the goal of countering the negative side-effects of the sprawling capital city Accra. At the core of the three pillars “Peace, Ecology and Development” stands the ecological project as started by “Mountainside Environmental AFRIC Ltd.” in the Aburi Hills in 1986 and handed over to TI-G for environmental management in 2012. By applying the conceptual framework of permaculture, an integral approach which combines ecological, social and economic sustainability, TI-G aims to establish an agricultural landscape and to grow a “food forest” on a 150 acres territory. The long term aim is for the project grounds to become a green lung for Accra.

As mentioned above, next to this ecological focus, the two dimensions “Peace Literacy” and “Reflexive Development” are additional focal points. TI-G works closely toghether with TRANSCEND-International, a network which was founded in 1993 by the famous Norwegian peace researcher Johan Galtung and his wife Fumiko Nishimura as a „conflict mediation organization“. TI-G was founded by Naakow Grant-Hayford, a Ghanaian political scientist, who has worked together with Johan Galtung as his research assistant since 2006. Thus, beside its ecological and agricultural work, TI-G is also active in the field of peace education and constructive conflict transformation, cooperating with different institutions in Ghana. TI-G can offer or organise workshops and seminars on the subject of conflict analysis and conflict transformation led by John Galtung himself as well as other peace researchers and practitioners from all over the world. In addition, TI-G offers and implements “Train the Trainer workshops” within the field of solution indicative conflict analysis (SICA).