In the ongoing effort of concretizing TRANSCEND International‘s dedication to eco-consistency and environmental responsibility, an effort has started to transform a 150 ha property in the Aburi Hills region into a permaculture food-forest. The project is called „Permaculture for Peace (P4P)“ and integrates Johan Galtung‘s and Bill Mollison‘s findings in an effort to restore and regenerate depleted farmland, to reforest and re-green the rocky hills in order to create said food-forest. Bill Mollison’s elaborate method of Permanent Agriculture best fulfills the criteria of reflexive development – or to use Johan Galtung’s terms: Self Reliance. The deeper purpose of P4P is to concretize and demonstrate a remedy to the disparaging effects of the subsidies of western agricultural policies in Africa. Possible partner projects extant within TRANSCEND International’s larger global network are Joanna and Jack Santa Barbara’s project in New Zealand and Erik van Monkhoeven’s environmental projects.