In October 2012, TI-G identified and visited two schools in Cape Coast – one of which is a teachers training college – with whom partnership agreements and a Memorandum Of Understanding in view of potential cooperation pertaining to the Norwegian SABONA program were signed. The long term objective of those meetings: Establish SABONA as a part of the curriculum of a regional teacher training college. The Ghanaian teachers explicitly asked for teacher to teacher exchanges and student to student partnerships. A pen pal program is to start the program. The interest is mutual and sincere between TI-G and these two schools and what remains to be done is to identify financial and operational enablers of the program: Who pays for it? Furthermore, monetary donations and computers are being sought to fund and substantiate a digital school and library to help bridge the infamous digital divide. TRANSCEND members from all over the world inspired by this effort and able to help should contact This work is also connected to the G-I within the Africa-Peace Research & Practice focus of the Octagon Project. In November 2012, two meetings organized by the official German Development Agency respectively held in Leipzig and Berlin as well as a meeting in January 2013 in Freiburg and a meeting in February 2013 held in Berlin have been attended by Anna Schelling, Adebayo Adeyemi, Karoline Weber and Naakow Grant-Hayford in relation to this particular multifaceted development project the components of which are (a) Euro-African School Partnership + (b) SABONA + (c) Student to Student partnerships + (d) Teacher to Teacher Exchanges.